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Relax and enjoy your holiday or weekend away knowing your pet is having a great time too! We offer dog home boarding, rabbit home boarding and guinea pig home boarding. We can also accommodate tortoises.

I have 1 dog of my own - a friendly rescue Spaniel cross. Dogs have access to a spacious and comfortable bungalow which has been refurbished with pets in mind. We have a  60ft part sun/part shade quiet garden with 6ft fencing all around. A 6ft gate leads to a rabbit area to the side of the bungalow.  A 20ft insulated office/pet room with sofas and toys ("The Pet Pod") sits close to the bungalow and provides extra space. This room is also available as a space for dogs who are not keen on others but would still prefer the home-from-home experience.  We have 6 Petcams to keep an eye on things.  I provide mental as well as physical  stimulation providing brain training games as well as walkies! Just myself and my partner reside at the bungalow . I am at home almost all of the time so your dog will have plenty of company. Your pooch will have at least 1 walk per day for no extra charge. In the evenings they can snuggle up with us on the sofa (or on a comfy bed if they prefer). All dogs wear an HPS ID tag for the duration of their stay.  I have 15yrs years experience fostering various breeds of dogs (and other domestic animals) , rehabilitating many with issues or illness due to my work in rescue and have studied canine psychology and many dog training methods.  I interact with the dogs in a positive, force-free way .  I will adhere to any  sensible rules your dog is used to to avoid confusion on their return.   I only board 1 or 2 dogs at a time therefore you are receiving a premium service.  I do not offer other services so your dog has my full attention almost all of the time. 

I also board rabbits and guinea pigs in spacious insulated hutches/enclosures/playhouses and condo's. Small animals can have more daily exercise in garden runs during the summer or pens in the pet room during the winter. Hay and fresh veg are given daily and are included in the price. Small animals have plenty to do.  I can also accommodate tortoises. 

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